Words of the Team


Your wedding day is as important to us as it is

to you and that's the way it should be.

We are 'The Wedding Visuals' sister company of

Adanj Studios, an award winning Film

and music production house. We are having

one of the biggest and well equipped film & music

production house of central India based in 

Bhopal, INDIA.

Wedding films and photography are passion.

We relish this highly responsible opportunity to

capture scenes full of joy, love and even

sadness - shared moments, intimate moments,

reflective moments. We love the timeless

elegance of these pictures and the classic look of

film and we always try it in our work to produce

something that is not influenced by trends but

which has intrinsic value, honesty and soul.






So, it all has started with a guitar. Entirely and proudly based in the city of lakes, Bhopal brothers cum business partners Nitesh & Adarsh Gupta founders of the company are Indian musicians & filmmakers.


Being active members of the rock band 'JASHNA' they started their journey. Traveling city to city of the country for shows and making their fans jump on the beat of ROCKN'ROLL, they started producing their own music videos in their parallel worlds and fall in love with the camera.


In between great Bollywood film director 'Prakash Jha' was shooting his film along with Amitabh Bacchan, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devagan like legendary super stars in the city. They called the brothers along with their band for featuring them in his film to perform a role of a leading rock-band. Sun & moon cycle pedalled on and brothers learned the recipe behind the magic of film-making.


They established a film and music production house 'Adanj Production' in the city and within a very short time only their work got appreciated by the biggest groups of the country and also awarded by Chief minister.


When they were exploring themselves as a filmmakers, co-incidentally one of their very loving friend 'Poorva' was getting married, so for a wedding gift surprise they planned to make a small video of her wedding and don't know how the video is loved by all and everyone asked them to make a video like Poorva's wedding. :D

Destiny took a big turn time. They planned, they studied, they learned & explored and pushed themselves to make a perfect balance of using latest technology and emotions to represent their art for the love stories of the people around and they named it 'THE WEDDING VISUALS'

Years of musical experience helped them a lot to write & produce original songs for different love stories and the sense of deep connect between music with the visuals.

Dots got connected and more artists hold the hands. Power of their arts got combined to give birth for captain planet ;) 

So here we are, a team of passionate artists who wants to hear and explore the story of yours till your big day to capture it and give you back in a way it deserves.