Almost 90% of the questions people asks from us.

> Is this is for the real?
Ans.  Yeah, it is! We are happy to bring the magical charm of real cinema in the city. We try to utilize the cocktail of the finest technology and  the art of our imagination to get the deserving feel and provide life in  our films by hitting the right chord of emotions with the presence of  so many hidden but sensible things going together.

> Why 'The Wedding Visuals'? What are benefits for having an association ?

Ans. Great wedding photography and films are nothing than a combination of different medium of arts which includes visuals, music, sound, colors etc. There were hundreds of  big/small pre-planned things went simultaneously during that last shot  you watched and that touched your heart. Wasn't that? :)

We  totally believe in always learning the art, technology and world, trainings and yes! team work, that's make us apart.

We  have a full team and sub teams of skillful, separately divided in profession but connected internally as one, gained from years  of work experience and learning to serve you the immense pleasure of  film, music and emotions.

> What should I do to get the quote?

Ans. You can write a mail to us regarding your query with your wedding dates or else directly call/whatsapp us on the numbers written in the 'Contact us' column. We'll forward you the latest catalogue and quotation as per your service needs.

> What equipment you use?

Ans. To get the deserving camera works and  editing things, we use very promising/globally accepted industry standard equipment.

Machines          :  I mac 7th Gen i5/16GB/2TB/27/Sierra/4GB Graphics,
                               Mac book Pro i9/32GB Ram/ 2TB/4GB Graphics/ 2.3GHz 

                             Two pairs of Assemble Windows i7/3.6GHz/32GB/24'/8TB/8GB

Shooting rig      : Sony A7Riii, Sony A9, SonyA6300, Canon5D MIV/III, Canon 7D MII, Canon 600D, 

DJI Phantom 4,drone cam, DJI  Osmo  

Sony master70-200/F2.8 lens, G master24-70  F2.8, Zeiss 50mm F1.4, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon EF, DJI RoninM, Zhiyun Crane 2, Jib, Camera dolly etc.

Other assets    : Go pro Hero 5,    LED Light panels, Reflector, Slider, Diffuser, Portable jib, Steady cam gimbal,  Zoom H5 handy field audio recorder (for live HQ quality audio), Two 128 GB and Four 64 GB G series high speed memory cards, Two 1 TB SSD, Five 4 TB Sony hard disks for data safety and management.

A set of 5 Walkie Talkie for better communication, 2 high speed laptops/I Mac, tripods and stands.

> How big the team is on the field?

Ans. Well it totally depends upon your package selection.

On field, for wedding photography and videography services we provides a regular team of 6 artists, if filming get includes the team range up-to 10-12 artists.

We did tremendous works with the minimum team of two efficient working people up to a team of 25 artists. They includes : Director, DOP, Editor, Cinematographers, Camera assistants, Interns, Jib operators and carriers, Production Manager, Aerial Cinematographer, Co-coordinators, Behind the scenes making team, Production assistants, Photographers, people depends on the shoot requirement.

> How long your wedding films are?
Ans.  The time duration of every film is a direct reflection of the kind of wedding it was. We make films who pretty enough stick to the audience  watching it. It may range from 4 minutes to 10 minutes.

> Do you guys do UNDERWATER shoot?

Ans. Yes,  we do, we are having the finest cinematographers who are having years  of experience of underwater, skydiving and much more sports activity shoot.

> How much does a film costs?

Ans. Yes! It totally depends on the no. of working days, amount of post  production. Normally making such films costs in lacs per day, but we are  providing it in comparatively far low rates. Our rates are nominal  & genuine so don’t worry a bit about it.

> I have your last year quotation, charges are same for this year too?

Ans. Better you ask first, it may increased from the last quotation because we continuously growing us in this field of filming and photography. To get the better desired output day by day we spends millions of Rupees every year in purchasing the latest equipment to make our art more sensible in this world of infinite technology.

> Do you guys travel?
Ans. Of  course, we do. In fact, we love to. Provide us the genuine conveyance  and a decent place to stay there in your city, we would be happy to come  to capture you and make your film.

> What things who will be needed before reaching to the wedding venue?
Ans. First of all, we will be needing the full event flow from the date, time and ending.

The most important! a room in the wedding venue (most preferable) otherwise very nearby hotel for team stay and equipment safety.

> How much advance I need to book you?
Ans. As prior as possible up-to-the-date, it is like ‘first come – first serve’. 

> How soon will I get my film and photographs?
Ans. Well, it actually depends on the editing section and our upcoming schedule  during the movie shoots as we don't believe in work outsourcing. 

It takes hundreds of editing hours to create a film, but we assure that it would always worth waiting.

We delivered the pictures and traditional video with in a time span of min 5 to max 25 working days and for wedding film it ranges from 45 to 70 working days.

> How many films you make in an year?

Ans.  These films are the result of the colors of our imagination,  physical/mental efforts, and creativity which clearly needs a lot of  time to make it heart-touching and worth.

Hundreds of hours flies like butterflies during editing, music and animation part.

Apart from our other running works maximum, we make 10 to 12 wedding films in an entire year.

 > What is your payment procedure?
Ans. After  your work inquiry and confirmation, you need to deposit 30 % of the  total amount as a booking amount, 70% amount 14 days before your wedding.