The Wedding Visuals was an initiative taken by Gupta brothers, running Adanj Studio a renowned film and music production house of the city.

After expanding their hands and mind in the art of Film-making, music and creative photography, boys goes with a vision to assemble same creative efforts in the Wedding services also.

So here it is.

Associated Artists


JALAJ JAIN (Photographer)

 He is our team's ace photographer and is a bridal specialist in Wedding photography. His drone operating skills provides a next step in the TWV films.


OJAS THEKKEKARA (Photographer)

That always hidden photographer in the Wedding. Also the founder of his production house 'Ginger films' Ojas looks after for Candid photography in TWV team.


SWAPNIL NAMDEV (Cinematographer)

Loved his work for his good stable and defining cinematography. Namdev also leads the famous One+ mobile company workshop for his camera works and also own his company called 'The Wedding Booth'.



Graduated from Shoots & Shoots Academy of Photography Delhi, this boy always came up with something different on the screen.


Akshay Saxena (Studio/Tech Astt)


A loud drummer and a percussionist by his choice working with us to assist the production process. Not a single work he does here because he is a multi-tasker.He can learn new techniques which takes months to realize in just few minutes.
Yes, it is like this way only :)


Anvarat jain (Cinematographer/photographer)

A multi talented boy of the city works as good as in cinematography like in Photography.

Meanwhile he is also running his studio called C phase who looks for video shooting and editing things.


DEEPAK MANJHI (Photographer)

The most active and completely made for wedding photographer. This guy works for Traditional photography services in TWV team.

No one can skip from his frame. Yes! No one.



In our films, we use original music. Don't know why but her voice always succeed for doing magic in our music.

She is more about singing Gazals and having a sorcery feel of folk vibe.


AMAN ARAKH (Audio Engineer)

After getting music composed, lyrics penned down and singer's part. Aman smartly take care to get the desire essence and feel of sound by providing the right mix, audio effects and do the final justice.


He has a 4 year working experience with some legendary artists of the country there in Flying carpet productions Mumbai.

Beware! More often than not, he knows better. ;)​ 



MD ASHIF (Intern for Cinematography)

A quick learner and very keen guy. Ashif is on his learning process in the field of Cinematography. We hope that he will soon do good things in future.


PUSHPENDRA SIDDHARTH (Intern for Music production)

is a music producer. Also known as THE DJ SID, he has been doing music production and getting millions of likings on his YouTube channel.

Trying to relearn music and audio works here with a different perspective.

(Makeup Artist/Stylist)